Thursday, October 1, 2015

stripes on stripes [ how to mix prints ]

 photo DSC_1588_zpsxivadnhr.jpg  photo DSC_1586_zpsy05p1l7k.jpg  photo DSC_1589_zpsjkjn6d1p.jpg  photo DSC_1590_zpsfzmnjubz.jpg  photo DSC_1593_zps14nv4epr.jpg  photo DSC_1601_zpsfzr1vy4n.jpg
   Outfit Details // Blouse, Urban Outfitters (similar here and here) | Jeans, LOFT (similar here)  |  Sneakers, Converse | Rings, Porter Lyons + Trendz // 

Finding the perfect striped button down can be really tricky.

This button down was the result of months and months of searching which lead me to Urban Outfitters on Decatur in New Orleans. It was also the result of a long day spent in the city shopping and exploring with my boyfriend (he actually likes to shop with me, y'all!!) He knew how long and desperately I had been looking for a button down like this one and he got it for me. 

Print mixing (of the striped variety) can be a huge source of confusion and controversy for the inexperienced, it can be quite intimidating. Due to my minimalist tendencies I don't often make such complicated statements, but when I do I keep these three things in mind. 

Color. Size. Quality. and Direction. 

Always be sure to coordinate the color of your striped clothing item with the rest of your look.

Stripes can be flattering and also very un-flattering. Take into consideration the size of the stripes you choose to wear. If you're petite, wearing too thick of a stripe can overwhelm your figure and make you appear smaller and square.

Before purchasing a striped article of clothing I'm always sure to check the quality of the stripes. Hold up the garment and make sure the stripes are even and match up at the seams. Otherwise you'll appear crooked and unsymmetrical. 

As for direction, the dreaded horizontal stripe myth often comes to mind, but fear not! Stick to smaller/thinner stripes for shirts and tops and bolder/thicker stripes for pants and skirts. 

For a visual example, this slideshow from the Glitter Guide shows you 10 Ways to Wear Stripes on Stripes.

Although UO seems to be fresh out of the particular shirt I wore, I've been keeping an eye on this colored button down and this darker printed one. They're also both on sale! 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

national coffee day < nola edition >

 photo coffeecollage.nationalcoffeeday_zpszcjboc2o.jpg
Images clockwise from top right; District Donuts Vietnamese iced coffees, Copeland's Cappuccino, some fantastic creation from Willa Jean, that I can't quite recall the name of, and a latte from Tableau.

    Happy National Coffee Day, AKA every other day in the life of a normal functioning human. Coffee is an essential part of everyday life (for most people) and can even be considered an activity or destination- i.e a shop with incredible reviews and Instagram worthy beverages, to simply a coffee date with an old friend. 

    I grew up drinking coffee from the age of 7-8 and have since switched from decaf to iced double-shot caramel macchiatos. Although I usually brew it myself at home, I'll definitely be taking advantage of the excuse to let someone else make it for me today.

     If you live in the New Orleans area, I would highly recommend checking out this list of coffee shops from NOLA Eater entitled 'Where to Drink Coffee In New Orleans Right Now'. And trust me, you need to check these places out like, yesterday. I can happily vouch for Willa Jean, District Donuts, and Salon by Sucre.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

photo diary { tennessee }

 photo DSC_1631_zpsnjakbgbe.jpg  photo DSC_1699_zpsfcnpkxej.jpg  photo DSC_1632_zpswqygv1lu.jpg  photo DSC_1649_zpsswdyasxv.jpg  photo DSC_1633_zpstaecfbwt.jpg  photo DSC_1651_zpsqy3s6gyz.jpg  photo DSC_1698_zpsbksrnodk.jpg  photo DSC_1695_zpsvlus2io8.jpg  photo DSC_1702_zpsgix5rtav.jpg  photo DSC_1711_zpsvn7wwmj7.jpg  photo DSC_1712_zpsckaohf4s.jpg  photo DSC_1713_zpsl2xusck7.jpg  photo DSC_1648_zpsriuuq2m7.jpg  photo DSC_1714_zpsmsu7vag3.jpg  photo DSC_1726_zpsu44j6z5x.jpg  photo DSC_1722_zpsp9yb8eqb.jpg  photo DSC_1728_zpspg86b5j7.jpg  photo nashville mural snap_zpsqk5iurvn.jpg

1-8) Scenery from the drive up. The weather was absolutely fantastic. 
9-11) Killer light fixtures at the Flying Saucer, 
a super cool pub just outside of the Frist Center. 
12) " Isabella " by Jaume Plesna, 2014.
13) One of the few gorgeous sunsets during my trip.
14) Another shot of the breathtaking sculpture. 
15) The Frist Center for the Visual Arts - where we toured this exhibit.
16) A snap of the incredible interior of the museum. Art-deco at it's finest.
17) Lunchtime at the Peg Leg Porker. A definite home run for Nashville-style BBQ. 
18) Me standing next to the I Believe in Nashville painting. 

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