Tuesday, September 2, 2014

All Black

 photo DSC_1551_zpsd60a3b14.jpg  photo DSC_1557_zps5ac9f0ef.jpg  photo DSC_1564_zps75598df0.jpg  photo DSC_1565_zps49ee3b7e.jpg  photo DSC_1593_zpsd6398336.jpg  photo DSC_1563_zpsb997d2a3.jpg  photo DSC_1589_zps627f98c4.jpg  photo DSC_1579_zps503c9ebd.jpg  photo DSC_1570_zpscf0e7c08.jpg  photo DSC_1572_zps23b3ff3d.jpg  photo DSC_1580_zps2aeda8ab.jpg

 Outfit Details // Blouse, Max Studio via Marshall's - similar (here)| Skirt, J Crew - on sale! (here) | Heels, Target (old) | Three-strand necklace, TrendzNOLA | Rings, TrendzNOLA + Porter Lyons + Banana Republic // 

Photos by - Jeanne-Marie Exposito 

Happy Tuesday! 

I'm in love with this skirt from J Crew. I've been searching for something versatile enough for summer/fall and I think I found it. I paired it with a back draped top and black strappy heels, gold accessories, and some gorgeous roses I found at Whole Foods. Seeing all the gorgeous jewel toned flowers reminded me that I'm so ready for fall !! This season's forecast consists of lots of gold jewels, textures, stripes, and ....black, of course! 

Also, Maroon5's new album dropped today * fangirls* Who else is excited?!  

Monday, August 11, 2014

Lace + Ripped Jeans

 photo IMG_0034_zpse88b178b.jpg  photo IMG_0026_zpsede5c2cc.jpg  photo IMG_0022_zps2f3895a0.jpg  photo IMG_0081_zpscbef4d55.jpg  photo IMG_0028_zpse57567b9.jpg  photo IMG_0047_zps4f1a9b2f.jpg  photo IMG_0019_zpsd355016b.jpg

Outfit Details // Lace Top, Express | Jeans, Forever21 | Heels, Target (old) | Rings, TrendzNOLA + Porter Lyons | Bracelet, TrendzNOLA //

Photos by Bryce Ell

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of shooting this look with the talented Bryce Ell of Bryce Ell Photography ! He did a fantastic job of capturing the effortless vibe of this look. 

I wore this outfit to White Linen Night in New Orleans a couple weeks back. I'm obsessed with these ripped jeans from Forever21. I had been searching for the perfect pair for so long and I love how they look against the black and white tank top. You'll definitely be seeing them a lot in future posts. 

Keep up with Bryce on Instagram and Twitter - his pictures are killer. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

< Tiffany Blews >

 photo DSC_1512_zps889fd0c0.jpg  photo DSC_1527_zps34c56625.jpg  photo DSC_1538_zps698615fd.jpg  photo DSC_1541_zps89034194.jpg  photo DSC_1546_zpsf2b62a93.jpg  photo DSC_1547_zpsee61fa3e.jpg

     Outfit Details // Dress, Banana Republic | Heels, Target | Necklace, Stella & Dot | Rings, SeaminglyChicLA + Porter Lyons //

Photo cred - Carlyn Exposito

Arguably the most classic piece of clothing a woman can own - a little black dress. (Or LBD, for short. Congrats if you caught the Fall Out Boy reference )
I own about nine LDB's, myself. They're one of my favorite things to wear and are always my go-to piece for events. Just switch out your shoes and add a couple of statement accessories and you can easily take your look from day to night. I came across this one at the Banana Republic in Shreveport a couple weeks back. It fits like a glove and I just love the neckline!

In other news, White Linen Night is happening tomorrow in nola! I still have no clue what I'm wearing. Follow along with me on Instagram to see what I'll be up to! @theelegantblogger

Happy Friday! 

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Palms + Stripes

 photo DSC_1413_zpse4c0b8e1.jpg  photo DSC_1412_zps7647d53f.jpg  photo DSC_1414_zps0c188c76.jpg  photo DSC_1427_zps0ada7401.jpg  photo DSC_1425_zps9461ef30.jpg  photo DSC_1420_zpsca922b4d.jpg  photo DSC_1419_zps27594224.jpg

     Outfit Details // Dress, by Max Studio - Marshall's | Sandals, Kenneth Cole | Necklace, (old) + Ring,  Stella & Dot | Nail Color, "Bubble Bath" by OPI // 

Photo cred - Carlyn Exposito 

There's nothing I love more than a great striped dress. This one by Max Studio has recently become one of my favorites and I love the nautical-ness of it. Often times people stay away from horizontal stripes because they think it makes them appear larger than they are. That isn't always the case.  It is the case, however, that certain kinds of stripes can give off that illusion. The thicker the stripe, the larger you appear. The reason being that it separates your body into large chunks and can be very unflattering.

 One of the reasons I love this dress is because of how the stripes are layered. It's extremely flattering and actually makes you appear thinner and defines your waist! 

I paired it with red jewelry and white sandals for a beachy feel. For a more formal look I would have worn black heels and a white (or black)  leather jacket and my usual array of gold rings. 

In other news, I've been growing out my bangs! I was time for a change and it felt kind of strange, but I'm really happy with how they're coming along. 

Happy Monday!