Tuesday, May 12, 2015

#NOFW // Freret & Napoleon

 photo DSC_1073_zpsds0jxq8h.jpg  photo DSC_1063_zpsjirc9pq6.jpg  photo DSC_1074_zpsngf11odp.jpg  photo DSC_1067_zpskytt6oka.jpg  photo DSC_1075_zpsyi9an1ed.jpg  photo DSC_1071_zpsog1y3maj.jpg  photo DSC_1076_zpswqpo92on.jpg  photo DSC_1065_zpstqtxr74n.jpg  photo DSC_1081_zps99lrgmpu.jpg  photo DSC_1078_zpsratatgfm.jpg  photo DSC_1083_zpswwddqydv.jpg  photo DSC_1079_zpsv8xtajp3.jpg

Hey y'all! Today and tomorrow's posts wrap up my coverage of the NOFW Shows.

Let me just start by saying that this show kicked all kinds of butt. Designer Tiffany Langlinais's collection fully captured the young, cool, and spontaneous attitude of New Orleans. Being a huge advocate of oversized t-shirts and monochromatic outfits, I was immediately in LOVE with the styling of the looks. And I want(ed) everything. Did I mention that she also designed the gorgeous headpieces and necklaces worn in the show? The accessories also included detachable fringe anklets from Savvy Root (seen in the eighth image)

 "Established in New Orleans, Louisiana in November 2013, Freret & Napoleon aims to give greater accessibility to transitional and mischievous clothing and accessories that hold all of the Southern charm and New Orleanian unruliness."

  The ended with all of the models at the end of the runway popping mini confetti filled champagne bottles. Too. Freaking. Cool.

You can check out more about Freret & Napoleon on their website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

#NOFW // Dama Talya

 photo DSC_1054_zpso7gwrit0.jpg  photo DSC_1056_zpsjgncz372.jpg  photo DSC_1053_zpsfhqjgdki.jpg  photo DSC_1052_zpsx0tagl2x.jpg  photo DSC_1051_zpstm51ijia.jpg  photo DSC_1040_zpskwgaywk5.jpg  photo DSC_1032_zpsiydnkuhp.jpg  photo DSC_1028_zps5vqotoii.jpg  photo DSC_1060_zpsddjyk6yn.jpg

           Above; Designers- Kim Piaro and Natalie Benty

Hey y'all! I'm running a little behind on my New Orleans Fashion Week coverage but regardless, I wanted to share this post on Dama Talya's show. 

 "Dama Talya designs clothing that is trendy, tailored, and classic. In the world of women’s clothing, the term “plus size” often signifies clothing that is dowdy, frumpy, and shapeless. We want to give plus size clothing a whole new meaning, resulting in clothing that makes a woman feel fashionable, confident, beautiful, and refined. Dama Talya believes that a curvy body is something to design for. Our mission is to offer curvy women “options” when selecting their fashion. Dama Talya offers perfectly fitted suiting, dresses for every occasion, and a range of tops/blouses for every body type."

 As I saw the looks come down the runway the first thing that impressed me (besides the fact that everything was all-black), was the fit and tailoring of each piece. Everything was absolutely beautiful and this line definitely goes to show that just because you're curvy, doesn't mean you can't look amazing and wear super sexy clothes. I am IN LOVE with that tight black dress (with the slit)!!! 

Hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to stop by the Dama Talya website to see more of their designs! 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#NOFW // Tieler James

 photo DSC_0977_zpspj5mby4c.jpg  photo DSC_0979_zpsvkc6qjfb.jpg  photo DSC_0983_zps76ydhk4p.jpg  photo DSC_0995_zps1zp3gz2k.jpg  photo DSC_0999_zpsgiubbcav.jpg  photo DSC_1003_zpsb8dr2ph7.jpg  photo DSC_1007_zpsreberhlx.jpg  photo DSC_1009_zpsgbgwrtad.jpg

 photo DSC_1015_zpssjpvd0jh.jpg

     Hey y'all! This week's post line up will include my favorite designers who showed during Fashion Week New Orleans this past Friday night. I was able to cover some very talented shows. 

First up we have Tieler James, a 15 year old NOCCA student and designer. Yes, you read that corretly - he's 15!
 I had met him backstage before the shows had started and as we started talking he mentioned to me that he was not only 15 years old, but had also been designing clothes since he was 7. Earlier this year he had also appeared on Season 5 of Project Runway Threads - and he won a challenge
Obviously I was impressed and after seeing his collection of perfectly tailored pieces grace the runway I can without a doubt say that he has quite a gift for design. I loved his use of simple silhouettes and stitching details in each look and how wearable they are! I could definitely see myself in that cream colored a-line dress. 

Congrats on your debut Tieler, you killed it! 


Monday, March 30, 2015


 photo DSC_0915_zps2mpe2ull.jpg  photo DSC_0942_zpsqvxru1ud.jpg  photo DSC_0944_zpsmqlicjnm.jpg  photo DSC_0957_zpsdfgez2vb.jpg  photo DSC_0934_zpslfr7jmkz.jpg  photo DSC_0961_zpsrgbqcsnw.jpg  photo DSC_0935_zps2ajmubjt.jpg  photo DSC_0950_zpsbezcvtlk.jpg  photo DSC_0936_zps8ju3fusl.jpg
   Outfit Details // Dress, LOFT sale 40% off | Heels, Target (old) | Jewelry, *all by Porter Lyons* -  
    Necklace |  Earrings | Bracelets | Ring //

Hey y'all!
 I hope you had a nice weekend! I attended the last night of runway shows during New Orleans Fashion Week this past Friday and witnessed some fantastic collections. Stay tuned as I post my coverage thoughout the week. 

One of my favorite things to wear throughout the spring/summer months is a great maxi dress.  
 But what makes a maxi dress great? Well, when I happened upon this one the first thing I noticed about it (besides the gorgeous print), was that I could wear it with either insanely high stiletto heels or sandals and a cardigan. Being able to dress it up or down is a must and I'd suggest choosing a color that you wear on a regular basis. Or if you're feeling adventurous, go for a bold print like I did.

How amazing are these pieces from Porter Lyons, y'all?!
 Even though I'm deathly afraid of snakes, I can't stop wearing these vertebrae bracelets (p.s, they're adjustable!) I also can't get enough of this necklace. It looks great over this dress but I've also worn it under a navy blue dress shirt and a white t. It never gets old.