Monday, June 15, 2015

distressed denim

 photo DSC_1286_zpsz9pkhbyz.jpg  photo DSC_1287_zpscgspm1zq.jpg  photo DSC_1289_zps7eqby36k.jpg  photo DSC_1291_zpsbm5xz1kv.jpg  photo DSC_1290_zpsihobcdiz.jpg

      Outfit Details // Gray Tee, J Crew | Distressed Jeans, Forever21 |  Sneakers, Converse | Bag, Foreve21 | All Jewelry, Porter Lyons <-- Select items on the site are 30-50% off! //
 I've pretty much been living in this look. Sometimes I'll switch it up with a black tee shirt, long charcoal tank top, or oversized button down. These ripped shorts have also been on repeat. I love how minimalistic and simple this look is. My motto is, essentially- less is more and basics are best.

Happy Monday, y'all!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

coffee break

 photo DSC_1253_zpsa0b2d3jf.jpg  photo DSC_1264_zpsb3n7jib3.jpg  photo DSC_1258_zpsqg0reul2.jpg  photo DSC_1266_zps1mi2zyds.jpg  photo DSC_1259_zpsuatu3cvt.jpg  photo DSC_1267_zpsn95tf2xp.jpg
   Outfit Details //  T shirt, J Crew | Jeans (not pictured), Forever21 | Messenger bag, Forever21 //

Sometimes it's the simplest things in life that make the biggest difference. For the last couple weeks I've spent a few days a week for just a couple of hours at my local Starbucks to answer emails and focus on writing for the blog. Usually I write from home and a post that really takes half an hour becomes a chore and ends up being published sometime around 2:00am (when I can hear myself think).  Even though I still end up staying up that late some nights, it's nice to know how much productivity can come from just taking a coffee break. 

I also included some shots from the last time I spent the day in NOLA


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

< instagram lately >

 photo Instagram.monday.6.1_zpshpuzgzjs.jpg      1. Switched to my Mulberry-esque messenger bag from Forever21 for the summer // 2. Jackson Square // 3. A shot from yesterday's post // 4. My favorite little fringe bag // 5. Flowers from Whole Foods. I'm obsessed with them, y'all. // 6.  All decked out in Porter Lyons for a friend's graduation. // 7. What I wore to an Art Showing with the bf the last time he was in town. // 8. The finale at the Taylor Swift concert in Baton Rouge #1989WorlTour // 9. More flowers. // 10. Tea with Tory. / 11. One of my go-to summer outfits. // 12. This fantastic issue of ELLE came in right before I left for the Taylor Swift concert. You MUST read Taylor's interview. That's an order. //

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Half Tucked

 photo DSC_1206_zpsjvdku2tq.jpg  photo DSC_1209_zps5py1buht.jpg  photo DSC_1235_zpsffzgwku8.jpg  photo DSC_1237_zpsm0h2lbbt.jpg  photo DSC_1239_zps8njm6jbp.jpg  photo DSC_1227_zpsje6snqmf.jpg  photo DSC_1241_zps5xapfnzn.jpg
   Outfit Details // Oversized tank, Forever21 (similar here) | Jeans, LOFT | Heels, Jessica Simpson | Fringe Bag, Trendz NOLA | Pom Key Chain, Noel Martin Collection |  Jewelry - rings, Porter Lyons / Trendz NOLA | ID Bracelet, Porter Lyons //

Oversized shirts (particularly button downs),  have been a love of mine for quite some time now. When styled correctly they can have the opposite effect of what you'd expect. Usually when someone wears a looser fitting piece of clothing the first thought you have is - what is she hiding? Does she not know her size? I simply prefer my tops and blouses about size bigger than what actually 'fits me'. I find a slightly looser fit to be more flattering than one that just fits. 

A factor that comes with the territory, if you will is -balance!! Balance out your look. One of the ways I've learned to balance my look is to break up the super-oversized effect this tank top has by tucking in one half. Doing this creates the illusion of having longer legs and having a more stream-line look. 

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