Sunday, May 31, 2015

Half Tucked

 photo DSC_1206_zpsjvdku2tq.jpg  photo DSC_1209_zps5py1buht.jpg  photo DSC_1235_zpsffzgwku8.jpg  photo DSC_1237_zpsm0h2lbbt.jpg  photo DSC_1239_zps8njm6jbp.jpg  photo DSC_1227_zpsje6snqmf.jpg  photo DSC_1241_zps5xapfnzn.jpg
   Outfit Details // Oversized tank, Forever21 (similar here) | Jeans, LOFT | Heels, Jessica Simpson | Fringe Bag, Trendz NOLA | Pom Key Chain, Noel Martin Collection |  Jewelry - rings, Porter Lyons / Trendz NOLA | ID Bracelet, Porter Lyons //

Oversized shirts (particularly button downs),  have been a love of mine for quite some time now. When styled correctly they can have the opposite effect of what you'd expect. Usually when someone wears a looser fitting piece of clothing the first thought you have is - what is she hiding? Does she not know her size? I simply prefer my tops and blouses about size bigger than what actually 'fits me'. I find a slightly looser fit to be more flattering than one that just fits. 

A factor that comes with the territory, if you will is -balance!! Balance out your look. One of the ways I've learned to balance my look is to break up the super-oversized effect this tank top has by tucking in one half. Doing this creates the illusion of having longer legs and having a more stream-line look. 

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

#NOFW // Freret & Napoleon

 photo DSC_1073_zpsds0jxq8h.jpg  photo DSC_1063_zpsjirc9pq6.jpg  photo DSC_1074_zpsngf11odp.jpg  photo DSC_1067_zpskytt6oka.jpg  photo DSC_1075_zpsyi9an1ed.jpg  photo DSC_1071_zpsog1y3maj.jpg  photo DSC_1076_zpswqpo92on.jpg  photo DSC_1065_zpstqtxr74n.jpg  photo DSC_1081_zps99lrgmpu.jpg  photo DSC_1078_zpsratatgfm.jpg  photo DSC_1083_zpswwddqydv.jpg  photo DSC_1079_zpsv8xtajp3.jpg

Hey y'all! Today and tomorrow's posts wrap up my coverage of the NOFW Shows.

Let me just start by saying that this show kicked all kinds of butt. Designer Tiffany Langlinais's collection fully captured the young, cool, and spontaneous attitude of New Orleans. Being a huge advocate of oversized t-shirts and monochromatic outfits, I was immediately in LOVE with the styling of the looks. And I want(ed) everything. Did I mention that she also designed the gorgeous headpieces and necklaces worn in the show? The accessories also included detachable fringe anklets from Savvy Root (seen in the eighth image)

 "Established in New Orleans, Louisiana in November 2013, Freret & Napoleon aims to give greater accessibility to transitional and mischievous clothing and accessories that hold all of the Southern charm and New Orleanian unruliness."

  The ended with all of the models at the end of the runway popping mini confetti filled champagne bottles. Too. Freaking. Cool.

You can check out more about Freret & Napoleon on their website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook