Tuesday, June 21, 2016

under construction + shades of blue

Outfit Details // Top, TJ Maxx | Jeans, LOFT | Heels, Jessica Simpson | Necklace & Bracelet, c/o TRENDZ | Bag, TJ Maxx // 

Well hey there guys, it's been a little while. 

For the last couple months or so I've begun the slow and tedious journey of transferring this blog over to another site. It's coming along quite well and I apologize for the lack of posts. Multitasking is sometimes easier said than done. Thankfully I know it'll all be worth it. 

The site should launch very, very soon!

I shot this look back when the weather was a bit cooler. I really like the idea of wearing a head-to-toe one color look. If you follow my Instagram, you'll know my color of choice is usually black. Something a little brighter it actually nice! 

Thanks for reading! 


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

art + design fame launch party

 photo DSC_0002_zpsy2acvzqn.jpg  photo DSC_0029_zpsjvvxuyn1.jpg  photo DSC_0043_zps3niwagoz.jpg  photo DSC_0010_zpsfsvou2ox.jpg  photo DSC_0011_zpspf7x5kbr.jpg  photo DSC_0012_zps3w7akwwz.jpg  photo DSC_0033_zpsekufwev2.jpg  photo DSC_0014_zpslofyuea6.jpg  photo DSC_0018_zpsefdbisme.jpg  photo DSC_0026_zpsqbc8okty.jpg  photo DSC_0021_zpsjvduqktt.jpg  photo DSC_0039_zpsxhzvgufl.jpg  photo DSC_0028_zpsai7co7uo.jpg  photo DSC_0046_zps6cnz7s6j.jpg  photo DSC_0030_zpssitnbp4c.jpg  photo DSC_0034_zps468hupsc.jpg  photo DSC_0037_zpsgdu4qmjf.jpg  photo DSC_0045_zpsr3rushpo.jpg  photo DSC_0057_zpss8feywdk.jpg  photo DSC_0060_zpsfmuvgbav.jpg
      Outfit Details // Top, Dillards | Jeans, Madewell | Heels, Forever21 | Bag, TJ MAXX //

Photo Details :

3. Jewelry by Douriean
5-6: Accessories by NOLAWARE.
8. Sunglasses by ROOT. 
11. Midori of Embodyment Salon and I. 
12. Art + Design's Publisher, Steve Martin holding the latest issue.
17. Owners of Cellar Door,  Rachel and Greg Gremillion.
19-20. My look for the evening.

This event at CellarDoor was a blast!  Art + Design Magazine celebrated the launch of their Fame issue on the 21st of April.  The event featured pop-ups from three local vendors and snacks provided by CellarDoor. This was my first time at the venue and I loved the downtown vibes and chic atmosphere.

Go pick up your copy!


Monday, April 11, 2016

jazz fest style | all black

 photo DSC_2964_zps4ookwtu0.jpg  photo DSC_2965_zpsr2j1sboq.jpg  photo DSC_2966_zpsxnryggff.jpg  photo DSC_2977_zpsipmjstun.jpg
Outfit Details // Black T, American Eagle (here) | Shorts, Forever21 | Black Kimono, c/o Trendz NOLA | I.D Bracelet, Porter Lyons | Beaded Bracelet, c/o Trendz NOLA | Hat, c/o Trendz NOLA | Rings, c/o Trendz NOLA //

Hey y'all! 

These past few weeks have been a blur! I'm super excited though because Jazz Fest is coming up! I'll be front and center for the Red Hot Chili Peppers (*screams*) It's been a bucket-list item of mine to see them in concert so, I'm kinda freaking out. 

I plan on donning a similar ensemble for that day of the fest. It'll for sure be something black. I really love this little lace kimono style cover-up from Trendz! (@shoptrendz) It's super light-weight and it looks great with evvverything. It also comes in white. 


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

gold details // color blocked knits

 photo DSC_2830_zps0qennhnv.jpg  photo DSC_2858_zpsipwtf08j.jpg  photo DSC_2860_zpswahjxqrw.jpg  photo DSC_2862_zpsfyoojd2s.jpg
 Outfit Details // Striped Wrap, Forever21 | Knee High Boots, Forever21 | Jeans, Forever21 | Jewelry, TRENDZ & Porter Lyons | Black Sweater, LOFT // 

This outfit was one of my favorites this past fall. I know everyone is making their much awaited transition from knee-high boots to lounge shorts and bikinis, but I don't want to! 
I've always been a cool weather person. Always. 

I wear jeans year round anyways, but living in Louisiana kind of rules out any sort of sweater. You'd melt into a puddle in about three seconds. I just love the clean lines and textured pieces you can wear during the cooler months. My sister told me I looked like Lily Bass (Gossip Girl, reference) when I put on this color-blocked wrap. So obviously I had to get it. 


Monday, February 29, 2016

everyday plaid // scarf shopping

 photo DSC_2813_zps68z23xae.jpg  photo DSC_2798_zpske1ryfdc.jpg  photo DSC_2808_zpsl1o98dfr.jpg  photo DSC_2824_zps9uidx3ok.jpg
     Outfit Details // Top, LOFT | Jeans, Forever21 | Scarf, Forever21 |  Booties, Forever21 | Rings,
  Porter Lyons + TRENDZ // 

Another one of my favorite prints is plaid. As is the case with most prints I wear, I prefer to accessorize with it. Even though it's a rare day in nola when wearing a scarf is even an option, I've been collecting them (almost) every time I find them on sale. 

Here are a few tips I use when shopping for scarves - 

1. Material 
Acrylic blends will make up most of the scarves you'll come across. I try and stick with cotton blends since they breathe better and are easier to clean. Another thing to consider is the weave of the scarf. Sometimes my rings will catch on random strands and it unravels several rows creating little holes. NOT fun. Look for ones that are tightly woven.

2. Print
The quality of the print on your scarf is always something I look at while shopping. Make sure all the stripes lines up, etc. I also find that the most simple and understated scarves look the most expensive. 

3. Color
Too many times I've bought scarves that were so cute at the time and I ended up never wearing. 
If you don't see it going with almost everything you wear - leave it. 

Hope these tips are helpful to you! Thanks for reading. 


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

mardi gras x felicity magazine

 photo mardi.gras_zpsksc7lm8j.jpg  photo DSC_9777_zpswxs9nuel.jpg
 Happy Mardi Gras, y'all! 

In honor of the holiday I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from my recent Carnival style shoot with Felicity Magazine

You can see the full post [ here ]

photos - Chet Overall | styling, Cate Swan



Wednesday, February 3, 2016

b&w // shades of gray

 photo DSC_2600_zps1362qerl.jpg  photo DSC_2599_zpsc85mrgsv.jpg  photo DSC_2625_zpssxarp0e5.jpg  photo DSC_2613_zpsmw3o6z1o.jpg  photo DSC_2614_zpscmlvdvpo.jpg  photo DSC_2632_zpsxqtzspm4.jpg
   Outfit Details // (faux) Fur Coat, Forever21 | Blouse, (old) Max Studio- similar here | (faux) Leather leggings, (old) Target |  Knee high boots, Forever21- similar here | All jewelry c/o, Trendz //

Shopping the sales at Forever21 is guilty pleasure of mine. I constantly tell myself that I've outgrown their affordable cheap-and-chic clothes (even though I'm not 21...hah!)  and that it's time to move on.
Then I walk in one day intending to simply browse and I see these knee-high boots. They resembled the greatly sought after 'of the moment' Stuart Weitzmen boots but at a fraction of the price. I kind of had to get them.

Not even a week later they had marked down their entire outer wear section and this gorgeous faux-fur coat found it's way into my shopping cart. It's become my go-to statement piece this winter.


Monday, February 1, 2016

neutral party

 photo DSC_2565_zpspxtgcquk.jpg  photo DSC_2564_zpsj5idewe6.jpg  photo DSC_2566_zpsqkuyjxyh.jpg  photo DSC_2569_zps2xinxp6v.jpg  photo DSC_2570_zpsqjhfrqtl.jpg  photo DSC_2572_zps36codv5m.jpg  photo DSC_2573_zps585o2a1j.jpg  photo DSC_2578_zpstp5fiehj.jpg
   Outfit Details // Gray T Shirt, Forever21 |  Jeans, GAP | Boots, (old) Forever21 | Scarf, c/o Trendz
   | Hat, c/o Trendz | ID Bracelet, Porter Lyons | Key Ring, c/o JoJo Rings |  Pearl Ring, c/o Trendz |

Well hey there, y'all! Hope 2016 has been good to you (so far) This last month has been a combo of hectic work days, end of year sale shopping, and far too short weekends.

If there's one thing I learned from 2015 it's that things don't always go as planned. Ironically, that's also something I have been focusing on lately. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you have a plan and goals.

This outfit features something you'll almost never see me in - a hat! For whatever reason they just don't ever seem to work for me.  When my friend Jenny over at Trendz in New Orleans asked me o style some fall items, I was a little hesitant about that hat. This is the first one I've tried that actually flatters my face. I was so excited!! I kept the rest of the look neutral and pretty casual. I doubt that element of my wardrobe will change that much this year lol