Monday, February 29, 2016

everyday plaid // scarf shopping

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Another one of my favorite prints is plaid. As is the case with most prints I wear, I prefer to accessorize with it. Even though it's a rare day in nola when wearing a scarf is even an option, I've been collecting them (almost) every time I find them on sale. 

Here are a few tips I use when shopping for scarves - 

1. Material 
Acrylic blends will make up most of the scarves you'll come across. I try and stick with cotton blends since they breathe better and are easier to clean. Another thing to consider is the weave of the scarf. Sometimes my rings will catch on random strands and it unravels several rows creating little holes. NOT fun. Look for ones that are tightly woven.

2. Print
The quality of the print on your scarf is always something I look at while shopping. Make sure all the stripes lines up, etc. I also find that the most simple and understated scarves look the most expensive. 

3. Color
Too many times I've bought scarves that were so cute at the time and I ended up never wearing. 
If you don't see it going with almost everything you wear - leave it. 

Hope these tips are helpful to you! Thanks for reading. 


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