Wednesday, October 30, 2013

{ Getting My Makeup Done } by Ashley Sievert

 photo beforeafterwords_zps0a986f65.jpg  photo ashleyseivertcollage_zps338c653c.jpg

     Photos by Carlyn Exposito; collage images have been borrowed from 

                  Hello dears! Today I would like to introduce you to my friend and super talented makeup-
               artist,  Ashley Sievert of Ashley Sievert Beauty During this post you can see my 
               transformation from start to finish as well as a 5 Question Interview with Ashley! 
              ( Tip : I kept my eyes closed the entire time which made the process even more exciting!) 

       I was so excited when she reached out to me and after seeing Jen's post and how beautifully her 

     makeup looked, I was sold. Although I wasn't exactly thrilled about posting the 'before' pictures on 
    the blog wearing NO makeup (not gonna lie), it was sooo worth it! 

         My makeup routine before getting my makeup done has changed quite bit, starting with how I apply
    my foundation. I had always applied it before my eye makeup and mascara. Ashley explained to me that 
    by applying your eye-makeup first, you can clean up your mistakes without wiping away your base and 
    having to worry about your mascara flaking off and smearing (story of my life) This simple trick has made 
    a HUGE difference in how my makeup comes out and I highly recommend trying it yourself! Trust me.  

                      { Be sure to check out my interview with Ashley below } 
 photo DSC_0997_zpsc323771f.jpg photo DSC_1000_zpsf06b74a3.jpg

             { How long have you been a makeup artist and what made you want to start your own 
    makeup line? } 

   '' I just made my 9 year anniversary this past August as a professional MUA! I have always been on the    search for the perfect foundation and could never find it... I wanted I start a small like which concentrated solely on face makeup ''

            { What are the three makeup essentials every woman should have in her makeup bag? } 

                '' As a makeup artist, that is hard to choose but I would say, foundation, concealer and mascara.''

                                                              { Best DrugStore makeup purchase? } 
                           '' Kiss cluster lashes - super easy to put on and they look amazing! ''

                                     Describe your personal style in three words } 

                                                '' Glam meets boho meets eclectic '' 

                                            { How do you define 'elegance'? } 

                                             '' Elegance is effortless perfection. '' 
   photo DSC_1001_zpse27d56fa.jpg photo DSC_1008_zps281b6d87.jpg  photo DSC_1020_zps024c0b5a.jpg  photo DSC_1035_zpsf11bca1b.jpg

         “With over 8 years of experience in the beauty industry you learn about so many products. I was always searching for a foundation with amazing coverage, light weight and did not cause me to break out. I was never able to come across exactly what I was looking for which is why I now have Ashley Sievert Beauty.” via     

Ashley's foundation is absolutely amazing. She used it on me during the makeup application and it felt like I wasn't wearing any makeup at all! In fact, the day these pictures were taken it was very wet and humid outside. I was worried that my makeup would melt right off later in the day, like it usually does. From the time it was applied (around 10am) until I washed it off (about 8pm) it looked just as flawless and perfect as it did that morning. I couldn't believe it! No oil or blotchiness to be found. It definitely lives up to it's description and gets on A+ rating from me!

 photo DSC_1050_zps0e5a4850.jpg  photo DSC_1060_zpsd9aa65cb.jpg  photo DSC_1062_zps5d8974b1.jpg  photo DSC_1071_zps2055a0ed.jpg  photo DSC_1085_zpsb2c9dbda.jpg  photo DSC_1096_zpsa31029da.jpg  photo DSC_1097_zpsefb2628c.jpg  photo DSC_1116_zps09ea9136.jpg  photo DSC_1115_zpsc01fe173.jpg  photo DSC_1117_zps39356a96.jpg  photo DSC_1125_zps56d51dcc.jpg  photo doublestripeddress_zps46f605bd.jpg
                                           {  Products used to achieve this look } 
   // Ashley Sievert- Mineral Velvet Creme in Milan, Glow eye Brightener and Milan Mineral Finishing Powder- Sweet Mineral Blush, Rock Chic Eyeliner, Clutter Lashes, LIT Glitter, Sable Eyeshadow, Nude Peach Lip Gloss, Glo Bronzer, Taupe Brow Pencil // Wearing a striped mini-shift dress from Forever21, Ann Taylor Necklace, Sacha London rose flats, TrendzNOLA Bracelet //


                                 Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Wear It Three Ways :: Jewelry Edition + Porter Lyons

 photo witwbracelet_zpsd4d727b7.jpg  photo PLbracelet_zpsd08cb09b.jpg  photo DSC_0687_zpsae05e5d5.jpg
      Outfit Details // Striped tee, Marshall's | Jeans, Forever21 | Gold Heeled Sandals, MeeToo... Shoes via 
  Marshall's | Jewelry, Porter Lyons // 

                                                      photos; Carlyn Exposito 

            Hello dears! I'm so excited to share this month's Wear It Three Ways segment with you!
   I'll be showing you how to style the Bourbon St Double Necklace from Porter Lyons ! What
   I love most about this necklace is how versatile it is. It can be worn two ways as a necklace 
  and one way as a bracelet. Also being used in this shoot is the Coypu Ring, also by Porter 

            For the first look I wore the necklace as a bracelet, you simply pull apart the magnetic 
closure and wrap then it around your wrist and voila! I wish all necklaces were like this, honestly.
  If it wasn't so hot outside the day I shot these photos I would have paired it with some sleek 
  leather pants and strappy-heels. Instead, I chose to spice up this simple striped tee and dark
  wash denim jeans and sandals. 

   photo witwplside_zpsf4f8e56b.jpg photo DSC_0659_zpsec3557df.jpg  photo DSC_0658_zpse26775be.jpg

      For the second look I wore the necklace in it's original form and added a little more glitz by
  exposing the embellished magnetic closure. I would wear it this way wit either a very simple 
  outfit (a sweater and jeans) or a nicer outfit (a dress with a high or ow neckline) to showcase 
  the necklace's detail. 

 photo witwpl_zps8040fc01.jpg photo DSC_0644_zpsbcc183fe.jpg  photo DSC_0643_zpsd9fcbb48.jpg
          For the last look I wore the necklace and kept it simple to showcase the necklace's chic
 silver chains. I would style this with a super lush cable-knit sweater or with a t-shirt like in this 

                            Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post! 

  P.S Jewelry from Porter Lyons will also be featured in next month's Wear It Three Ways Post! 
             Be sure to stop by the Porter Lyons Website and shop her other fabulous designs!
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Friday, October 11, 2013

{ Camilyn Beth FW 13 }

 photo camilynbethfavedress_zps4b6429b0.jpg  photo camilynbethtwirl_zps36c80d81.jpg  photo camilynbethsequinback_zpsbeffdf2d.jpg  photo camilynbethnavyblue_zpsa8280659.jpg  photo camilynbethsequinnavy_zps21c408d3.jpg  photo camilynbeththree_zps7e765f06.jpg  photo camilynbethcolor_zps505e12f8.jpg  photo DSC_0056_zps31508786.jpg  photo DSC_0033_zps691f88c3.jpg  photo DSC_0089_zps5564a04c.jpg  photo DSC_0073_zpsc8a3fffb.jpg

         Outfit Details // Me, wearing a blue lace Vintage find from Hazel & Florange // With Krystal of
   A Pinch Of Lovely and Juley of Upperlyne // above; with Julia of Gal Meets Glam //

                                                         Photos by; Carlyn Exposito 

                Hello dears! Oh my goodness, where do I even begin? Everything from the Camilyn   
  Beth show was just drop.dead.gorgeous. And not to mention, elegant! I want them all. 
  Especially the coral and navy blue showstoppers with ruffle details! *Swoons* (You may have 
  seen this dress by Camilyn Beth  worn by Blair over at Atlantic-Pacific. )  

                Not only was Camilyn Beth one of the first shows during New Orleans Fashion Week,
   but it was also their very first ever runway show! It was (obviously) a packed house. Everyone 
   who attended was memorized as the beautiful femininely embellished dresses came down 
   the runway. 

                 After the shows had ended I had the pleasure of seeing the lovely, Julia again (am I    
   the only one n love with her Valentino dress?!) as well as my two lovely blogger pals Krystal
   and Juley! Be sure to stop by their fabulous blogs and stay tuned for my coverage of the 
   shows from Day 6 of NOLAFW! 

                                       Congrats Camilyn Beth! You put on a lovely show! 

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