Thursday, October 3, 2013

Porter Lyons { Behind The Scenes }

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      Hello dears! I am so excited to share my collaboration with Porter Lyons with you! If you 
  recall my post during White Linen Night (see post, here), you'll remember how much I loved 
  each one of Ashley Porter's designs. 

       For this post, I got to step into the behind-the-scenes world of Porter Lyons when I visited her studio. There were black alligator skins hanging from the wall, several  detailed mood boards complete with drawings and sketches of her latest designs, and loads of her fabulous pieces spread around the room ( can we talk about that rhinestone embellished belt?!) 

        It was such an amazing experience and I can't wait to share the final accessorized looks 
   with you!  But, until then check out my interview with the designer and learn about how she got 
   started and how she describes her personal style. 
   photo DSC_0533_zps512ec755.jpg photo DSC_0535_zps9f9fc29f.jpg  photo DSC_0538_zpsf5b37582.jpg  photo DSC_0539_zps456ee232.jpg  photo DSC_0542_zps285a72ad.jpg  photo DSC_0544_zpse086e168.jpg  photo DSC_0545_zps52ab9c62.jpg  photo DSC_0551_zps81866e83.jpg  photo DSC_0553_zps6fd5b9f6.jpg  photo DSC_0558_zps52e7256d.jpg  photo DSC_0559_zpscfcd1e2d.jpg

             My favorite piece - the Knuckle Ring. It makes such a statement! Find it, here . 
 photo ashpwhitelinen_zpse6e1bab6.jpg

                                               (Above, the designer; Ashley Porter)


1) Q. How did you get into jewelry design and what have you learned from being a designer? 

PL: Jewelry design is something I have always wanted to do.  I went to FIDM in Los Angles to learn design skills that have become the tools I use in my work today.  It all started when I moved back to New Orleans and took a trip down to the swamp to pick up some alligator skin when I came across their backbones.  My whole concept of launching an exotic skin belt company went on the backburner and I started teaching myself about how to make jewelry. 

2) Q. Out of all your fabulous designs, which are you most proud of?

PL: My backbone collection, specifically the backbone cuff.  It was my first piece of jewelry I ever made and the inspiration behind it was a light bulb moment.

3) Q. Describe your personal style in 3 words. 

PL: Statement through understatement.

4) Q. What is your favorite place in New Orleans? 

PL: This is a tough one!  Probably City Park, running or lying down under the live oak trees.

5) Q.  How do you define 'elegance'? 

PL: Elegance is being confidant in who you are.

        Hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes post! Stay tuned for later outfit posts where I 
   show you how I style my favorite Porter Lyons designs this fall!  Be sure to check out her 
   online store (here) and tell me which design is your favorite!

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