Monday, September 23, 2013

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   // 1) Rhinestone Necklace, Dillard's (similarherehere, and here) 2) Simple Gold Necklace, 
    Dillard's 3) Door Knocker Bracelet + Double Spiked Bracelet,  Trendz NOLA 4) Rhinestone and
    Ivy Necklace,  Trendz NOLA //

        Hello dears! I've been doing quite a bit of shopping lately and thought I'd share my 
   purchases as well deals with you! 

      Buying the first two necklaces was totally accidental, actually. I was shopping with a    
   friend at Dillard's (with no intention of buying anything) and the gorgeous rhinestones 
   immediately caught my eye. As I grabbed it my finger snagged the small gold one. (It was 
   obviously meant to be, right?) I managed to get them both for under $25. 

      I had been secretly searching for a 'door-knocker' bracelet ( like the one in this post by 
  Kayture ) for quite sometime and during a much needed trip to Trendz NOLA on Magazine; I 
  found it. I figured it would be a lost cause because of my insanely small wrist, but it adjusted to 
  fit it perfectly! I was beyond excited.

      It's completely impossible to walk out of there without buying something (or more than one 
  something, really) so, I decided on the double-sided spike bracelet and the black, white, and 
  ivory necklace. For all of you fashionistas who live in NOLA, I highly recommend that you stop 
  into Trendz when you need some retail therapy. They have soooo many gorgeous things at 
  such great prices. 

                     I don't know about you but I CAN'T WAIT for cool weather!! Stick around for later
    posts this Fall to see how I style these pieces! Thanks so much for reading ans have a great 

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