Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wear It Three Ways :: Studded Button Down

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                      For this month's installment of Wear It Three Ways
    I'll be styling my studded button down from my previous 
    D.I.Y post (here)

         After updating this basic blouse, I thought it would be 
    the perfect thing to use in this month's post!

                    Let's get started...

   photo doubenight_zps11405757.jpg
 photo nighttimedetails_zpseb59091e.jpg

       Outfit Details // Denim Top, Target + Jeans, Forever21 + Studded Bag, Nine West + Heels,     Fioni + Chain Bracelet & Rings, Silpada + Watch, Kennth Cole New York // 

        1) Night - For this look I paired the denim top with some   
  contrasting dark wash jeans, nude peep-toe pumps, and small 
  drawstring bag (love the embellishments) to create a chic look 
  for a night out with your girlfriends or on a date! 

 photo doublebeach_zps4605d701.jpg

       Outfit Details // Denim Top, Target + Bathing Suit, Spanx for Target + Straw Hat, Forever21
   + Leopard Sandals, Target + Rings, Silpada + Watch, Kenneth Cole New York // 

       2) Beach - Just because you're all greased up with sunscreen 
  doesn't mean you can't look chic at the beach! The ultimate 
  goal for this look was maximum sun protection. I achieved that 
  by wearing the denim top over the swimsuit and by adding a 
  (slightly gigantic) sunhat. I purchased this hat for JazzFest
  several years ago from Forever21 and I just love the way it 
  looks against the black suit! 

 photo doubleboho_zpsc0948ec1.jpg photo TheBlogPics014_zps2b347c9c.jpg

       Outfit Details // Denim Top, Target + Flared Jeans, Calvin Klein + Platforms, BCBG + 
   Tassel Necklace, Columbia St. Mercantile + Rings, Silpada + Watch, Kenneth Cole // 

       3) BoHo - For my last look I wanted to style something 70's 
  inspired. So, I grabbed my flared jeans, super-high platforms, 
  tassel necklace and, voila! You can wear this outfit just about
  anywhere and at anytime of the year. You could even roll up the    sleeves on the blouse during the Spring and Summer months and 
  add a black slouch hat during the Fall. 

       Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this
  month's Wear It Three Ways post! I also hope that I've inspired
  you to create some new outfits by refreshing some old pieces in
  your wardrobe! Don't ever be afraid to wear the same thing 
  twice ...or three times! 
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

D.I.Y :: Studded Button Down

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                          Today I'm starting (another) monthly segment on the blog : D.I.Y ! 

       It all started when I happened upon this lovely D.I.Y book at the library the other day and fell 
 in love with every project immediately! This book is full of fashion-forward and budget-friendly    ideas using things that you already have in your closet! After sifting through various options for 
 this post,  I decided to update my boring denim  button down by adding some chic silver studs 
 to the collar and back. Enjoy! 

                                               You will need the following :: 
                                  - denim button down top
                                  - pronged studs (in either gold or silver) 
                                  - needle-nose pliers 
                                                Let's get started! 

   photo diydemintopbeforewords_zpsff53d95a.jpg photo TheBlogPics004_zps3b283dcb.jpg  photo TheBlogPics009_zps46bf6ce8.jpg  photo TheBlogPics012_zpsd7e1f109.jpg  photo TheBlogPics011_zpsc8a38c45.jpg

      Step 1 // Start off by choosing the spot on the collar where you'd like to start applying the 
  studs ( I would recommend the corner ) I chose to only add three on each corner instead of 
  decorating the entire collar simply because I thought it looked more expensive ( and the craft 
  store near my house only carried one type of studs) 

      Step 2 // After decorating the collar I decided to give this button-down a little more oomph 
  by adding some studs to the back to complete this project.

 photo TheBlogPics018_zpsda070d3b.jpg photo afterdemintopwords_zpsf85d32f2.jpg

       Hope you enjoyed my first ever D.I.Y post! Here is the finished product! I will be featuring 
  this denim top in my next 'Wear It Three Ways' post! Stay tuned... 

       I highly recommend this book and all of the projects in it whether you're a beginner ( like 
  me ), or a pro; it's a great source of inspiration and I will be using it in later posts for sure!  

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Red White & Blue

 photo 025_zpsc6fdc3a0.jpg  photo 031_zpsfff3090a.jpg  photo 040_zpse0486829.jpg  photo 042_zps166414df.jpg  photo 044_zps89efc909.jpg  photo 045_zps3b1528b4.jpg  photo 035_zpsb456c1cc.jpg
  Outfit Details // Striped Top, Forever21 + Shorts, Citizen + Scarf, Target + Quilted Bag, 
  Mulberry for Target + Flats, Payless + Rings, Silpada + Lip Bracelet, Kirna Zabete for Target //

                                        {  Happy 4th Of July! }

    Putting this look together was so much fun! I literally laid 
  out everything red, white, or blue/navy that I owned and this 
  is what I came up with. I wanted to go for a chic, Parisian
  inspired look using items you may already have in your closet. 

    I started with a basic striped top and paired it with some
  dark wash shorts, nude flats, and a chic black scarf. I'm 
  usually not one for shorts (it must be because I'm so tan), but
  due to this 'lovely' Louisiana weather I figured it would be 
  appropriate. I finished off this patriotic look with a red lip 
  clasp bracelet, navy blue quilted bag, and some cat's eyed 

  This look is casual enough to wear relaxing at home, but 
  nice enough to wear to a BBQ with friends or out to dinner 
  with the fam.

  I hope everyone is having a super stylish and fun holiday!

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