Sunday, July 21, 2013

D.I.Y :: Studded Button Down

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                          Today I'm starting (another) monthly segment on the blog : D.I.Y ! 

       It all started when I happened upon this lovely D.I.Y book at the library the other day and fell 
 in love with every project immediately! This book is full of fashion-forward and budget-friendly    ideas using things that you already have in your closet! After sifting through various options for 
 this post,  I decided to update my boring denim  button down by adding some chic silver studs 
 to the collar and back. Enjoy! 

                                               You will need the following :: 
                                  - denim button down top
                                  - pronged studs (in either gold or silver) 
                                  - needle-nose pliers 
                                                Let's get started! 

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      Step 1 // Start off by choosing the spot on the collar where you'd like to start applying the 
  studs ( I would recommend the corner ) I chose to only add three on each corner instead of 
  decorating the entire collar simply because I thought it looked more expensive ( and the craft 
  store near my house only carried one type of studs) 

      Step 2 // After decorating the collar I decided to give this button-down a little more oomph 
  by adding some studs to the back to complete this project.

 photo TheBlogPics018_zpsda070d3b.jpg photo afterdemintopwords_zpsf85d32f2.jpg

       Hope you enjoyed my first ever D.I.Y post! Here is the finished product! I will be featuring 
  this denim top in my next 'Wear It Three Ways' post! Stay tuned... 

       I highly recommend this book and all of the projects in it whether you're a beginner ( like 
  me ), or a pro; it's a great source of inspiration and I will be using it in later posts for sure!  

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  1. You did an amazing job - this totally looks store bought! xE

  2. Amazing how a few studs can totally revamp a shirt, great job!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  3. really cool!! maybe we can follow each other? let me know! <3

  4. I really like this diy, great job. :)

  5. Whenever I think of a DIY involving studs, denim cutoffs covered in metal come to mind... but this is so subtle and elegant, I just love it! Beautifully done :)

  6. The make over of the denim top is great, love the studs and the new look of the project. Aside from studs, you can also use Discount rhinestones as a design with elegance to decorate your projects.


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