Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Down The Road

                                                   Outfit Details~
                                        Denim Shirt & Tank- Target
                                       Boots- Vince Camuto
                                       Purse- Nine West
                                      Owl Ring- Forever21

             Hello everyone! Today's post is a bit more casual than usual but I thought I'd
         share one of my favorite Fall outfits with you! :) It's basically my take on 'Rocker Chic.'
      These photos were taken by my sister in our neighborhood.I've seen a lot of really beautiful
     pictures taken like this and I thought it would be perfect! We have some really gorgeous trees
    that have turned red and orange and I HAD to take pictures of them! (Seen below)
             Back to my outfit, I purchased the jeans and purse a while ago.The owl ring was a lovely
          gift from my friend Hope over at PINK CHAMPAGNE!!! :) Please check out her Blog!
      Lastly, I'm going to my friends' Concert on Friday and I'll be taking pictures of what I'll be
      wearing and of the band! Please check out some of their awesome tunes here! :) I've
      memorized nearly all of them! Let me know what you think!
        Hope you all have a great week!

      ~Elizabeth E.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Leather and Lace

          Hey everyone!! *Please check out my post as a 
   guest Blogger on The Dapper Bun!! While you're there check 
   out her beautiful pictures and don't forget to follow!! =)  
               ~Elizabeth E.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sweater Couture


                                 Outfit Details ~
                         Sweater: Target (It comes in more colors!)
                         Jeans: Aeropostale
                        Belt: Forever21
                        Boots: Vince Camuto
                        Earrings: Target
                        Purse: Casleigh New York (My Mom purchased this at Dillard's a long time ago)

                                       Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! =)
                                I can't believe it's already the end of November!
                 This year my Dad is cooking with my Uncle!!! He's a great cook and I'm super excited!
                           Today's post is kinda short but I thought I'd share some pics of my
                  new sweater with you!  (Courtesy of my Dad!) I really needed a sweater and
                       I went to Target and found this sweater. I fell in love with this this beautiful
                     Camel color and it goes perfectly with my boots!This is season I'm into neutrals.
                          Cool grays,  rich caramels, chocolaty browns, and simple whites
           are among my favorites.I thought the belt added a really simple but polished touch and
                        my Mom was  kind enough to let me borrow her lovely evening purse! =)
                                     I purchased the little shell earrings the same day!
                                     Hope you enjoy this look and have a great week!
                        ~Elizabeth E.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Puss and Boots

                            This is my Tabby Cat, Minnie. I think she liked my boots........

                                           Outfit Details;
                                 Shirt: Converse One Star, Target.
                                 Jeans: Aeropostale
                                 Boots: Vince Camuto  (You can purchase them from Amazon here!)
                                 Earrings: Target (The rings and bracelet were a gift.)
                                 Bag: Antonio Milani

Hello everyone!! =) Before I tell you a little bit about my outfit today, I would
like to say hi to all my new followers! I have read each and every one of your
comments and I've done my best to follow you all!! =)
Also I have some news!! I'm getting baptized this Sunday! There has been a series
of events leading up to this point in my life and I've never been happier!!!
Last Sunday I got up in front of everyone in my church and professed my faith in Jesus Christ,
along with my sister and friend Daniel.It was a really big moment for me.
Probably the biggest one in my life.
Also, in January I'm getting braces!! I know you can't really tell because
I don't ever smile with my teeth, but long story short I have a very bad overbite
and it REALLY needs to be corrected. I'm SUPER nervous about getting
them, even though all my friends say it's not so bad. O.O (Please be praying that
everything goes smoothly and I don't pass out in the process!)
Now onto my outfit, this is actually what I wore to the Orthodontist yesterday!
It's a little bit more casual than my previous posts but I just love this look!
I have been living in my boots ever since I got them! They are super comfortable and I can
wear them all year long! =) Before I left I literally had my sister snap a few quick shots
of my outfit! (Then the cat decided to jump in)
Well that's about it! Thanks for stopping by my Blog! =)

~Elizabeth E.