Sunday, December 25, 2011

Coffee, Christmas, and Dinner

~Merry Christmas Everyone! ~
Today I'm going to be showcasing my photography 'skills'!
These photos were taken at my Uncle's house last week.He had us over
for a lovely dinner and dessert! 

                                                    Our wonderful Italian style dinner!

This is my Dad, Eddie. 

                                            ~My Uncle Bill. He made the amazing dinner!~

                                                  I actually made those pillows^
^(Me) Having coffee and King Cake.
                                    ^My Dad drinking out of a Gucci mug.
                                            Outfit Details~
                                               White Sweater- The Limited
                                                Jeans- Aeropostale
                                                Boots- Vince Camuto
                                                Clutch- Matrix
                                                Rings- (Gifts, I'm not sure where they're from)
                                                Moonstone Earrings and Necklace- Mignon Faget
                                                Watch- Kenneth Cole New York

                                              ~ Merry Christmas everybody! ~
                              Congrats for making it to the end of this SUPER long post! :)
                 I hope you enjoy these photos and that your day was filled with family, friends,
              and great memories! For me, this was probably one of my most memorable
              Christmas'es for a lot of reasons.Besides it being my first Christmas as a Christian,
             I got to find out first- hand how much goes into 'getting ready for Christmas'
               I went Christmas shopping with my Dad, and put it this way; We left home at
               about 4 in the afternoon and didn't  come home until 10:30. O_______O
               Thankfully the traffic wasn't bad and all the'Last minute Larrys' stayed home.
           We ended up staying up until 2:30am on Christmas Eve wrapping gifts and filling
           stockings.(I think I was on a coffee/candy high) But  it all payed off this morning
           when I watched everyone open their gifts and dump their stockings on the floor.
              I'm so thankful that my parents care soooo much about my sisters and I. :)
                        They are a blessing from God.
                                    *How was your Christmas???

                      Elizabeth E~