Thursday, August 29, 2013

Everyday // Golden

 photo DSC_0376_zps36eadba3.jpg
 photo DSC_0374_zpsa46ad1f1.jpg  photo DSC_0393_zps84a46007.jpg  photo DSC_0401_zps9929e3ec.jpg  photo DSC_0379_zps04a53e7e.jpg  photo DSC_0381_zps07dd9548.jpg  photo DSC_0361_zps41384bce.jpg

    Outfit Details // Blouse, Target (similar here and here ) | Jeans, Forever21 | Bag, The Limited
   (similar here) | Gold Heeled Sandals, MeToo (similar here) | Necklace, Forever21 | Rings, 
    Silpada | Chain Bracelet, Silpada //

     Hello dears!  I feel like it's been forever since I posted (although it's more like 2 weeks)  thanks to this lovely Louisiana weather which consists of torrential rain storms, random showers, and unbearable humidity. So as a result, I haven't been able to schedule nearly as many photo shoots as I would have liked to this month. But no worries! I'll be back to my normal weekly posts very soon! I've got some really great things planned for these next few months as well as some killer outfits this Fall. (End of season sales are the bomb) 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Amanda DeLeon + Blackout. PreFall

 photo amadadeleoneventlogo_zps9c475ba5.jpg  photo fowytopamandadeleon_zps830d4410.jpg  photo blackdressamandadeleon_zps172ab9c5.jpg  photo DSC_0147_zpsc6d74086.jpg  photo DSC_0132_zps35f2a2cc.jpg

       Hello dears! I wanted to share some pictures from an event I attended this past Thursday.

     The event was held at Twisted Fiction Studio in New Orleans and showcased the Pre-Fall 
  '14  Capsule Collections of Amanda DeLeon (above) and Blackout. by Ashlie Ming (below).

      I've been attending Amanda's showings for about 2 seasons now and every show has been
 nothing short of amazing. Her extreme attention to detail, use of leather and other textured 
 materials and imaginative silhouettes has made her one of my favorite local designers and I 
 leave each show anxious to see what next season has in store!  My favorite look from this
 collection was the simple back dress. So simple, classy, and versatile. I would scoop it up in 
 about a minute!

             Oh, and did I mention the jewelry used to accessorize both collections was Mignon 
   photo blackoutwerewillyougo3_zpsf3cef343.jpg

       I've also fallen in love with Blackout, a contemporary women's clothing line that is based in
  New Orleans and designed by Ashlie Ming. 

       I adore everything about her line. Everything from the basic colors to the way she styled the
  models' jewelry and hair. My favorite thing about the pieces are that they are easy to wear and
  can be incorporated into any woman's wardrobe. Choosing a favorite was quite challenging 
  seeing as I (obviously) had several. The black shift dress, above, would look lovely with a 
  number of things. Then there's the chic white dress with the back obi belt and the all-black 
  rocker-chic ensemble with the black pointed metallic-tipped heels... I just love all of them and 
  they need to get into my closet. Like, right now.

   photo blackdressbyblackout_zpsca9b3257.jpg photo blackoutwhitedressobibelt_zpsca3fc444.jpg  photo blackoutleatherbackfront_zpsf95cad17.jpg  photo DSC_0177_zpsa9fb1d2f.jpg  photo DSC_0160_zpsab93b1ee.jpg  photo DSC_0158_zps5a6ee17d.jpg
 photo DSC_0193_zps55e433ec.jpg

                     { With the fabulous Dalton and Veronica of The WearHouse District } 

 photo DSC_0226_zps827fcf20.jpg
                  { With the lovely Katie and Rachel of The Elizabeth Chronicles 

   photo DSC_0213_zps557c1d8b.jpg

                                                    { With Martine of Ingenue & Camp  } 

   photo DSC_0205_zps47313d4e.jpg

                       { With the beautiful mind behind Amanda DeLeon, the lady herself! } 

   photo DSC_0156_zps033ad2bc.jpg

      Outfit Details // Dress, Isabella's Villa | Heels (not pictured) Steve Madden | Clutch, (also 
   not pictued), BCBG | Rings, Silpada | Makeup, Smokey Eye Kit, Rimmel London // 

             {  With Andi Eaton of NOLAFW and Hazel & Florange, and a beautiful model wearing 
                my favorite piece by Amanda DeLeon ! } 

                                                 :: Photo Cred; Laura Hudson :: 

            Thanks so much for reading and be sure to check out both designers; they truly are
     amazing and quite talented.    

                                           {  Amanda DeLeon } + { Blackout. } 

Friday, August 9, 2013

White Linen Night + Porter Lyons

 photo ashleyporterhauteboutique_zps3294a078.jpg

        Hello dears! I wanted to share with you this fabulous line of jewelry I discovered during 
   White Linen Night in New Orleans; Porter Lyons

        While heading over to the launch party for KREWE du Optic Sunglasses (see the post, 
   here), I walked into the Haute Women's Boutique on Magazine St. (to escape the heat) and I 
   saw all these beautiful pieces laid out on a table. I was in love. 

                              { Above, me with the lovely designer; Ashley Porter }

   photo chainsbyPL_zpsf9ec4a69.jpg photo goldenbraceletsPL_zps56ba4999.jpg  photo DSC_0089_zps7c2cdd20.jpg  photo DSC_0088_zpsd2cbe862.jpg  photo DSC_0081_zps20981703.jpg  photo DSC_0079_zps7d5728ff.jpg  photo DSC_0073_zps8d2baccb.jpg  photo DSC_0070_zps025a6cd0.jpg  photo DSC_0068_zps534abbfe.jpg  photo DSC_0092_zpsd6919cde.jpg

       Outfit Details // Dress, Marshall's | Heels, (not pictured) Prabal Gurung for Target | Bag, Mulberry
     for Target //

                                                   Are you in love yet? 
         Each piece is a work of art and I have to say, I'm completely obsessed with the gold chain-
        link bracelets and necklaces. Picking a favorite would be near impossible, however, I think 
        the Snake Bracelet would take the cake.  Simple, classy, elegant, and would look
        beautiful with jeans and a b&w striped tee or against a luxurious burgundy sweater. ( I 
        can't wait for Fall/Autumn weather, ok?)   

           The pieces you see above are from the Backbone and the Hatch Collections 
        (here and here) as well as VooDoo and Agate

              You can learn more about the start and the goal of Ashley's designs on the Porter     
        Lyons Website and stay up to date with the latest news from her up-coming collections
        by following along on Facebook and Instagram! Her designs are also available at various
        retailers in Louisiana and California! (See the list, here)  

                             Thanks so much for reading! Have a great weekend! 

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

KREWE du Optic Launch Party

 photo DSC_0100_zpsf7802b2a.jpg  photo DSC_0130_zps01264949.jpg

             Last Saturday I attended the launch party for the latest eye-wear line to hit New Orleans,
                                                           KREWE du Optic ! 

   photo DSC_0099_zps7cdc76ef.jpg photo DSC_0125_zps8bbdf97c.jpg  photo DSC_0124_zpsc8fbd3f7.jpg  photo DSC_0121_zps13d68e8e.jpg  photo DSC_0123_zps408916e2.jpg  photo DSC_0127_zps566d7244.jpg  photo DSC_0120_zps3dab726a.jpg  photo DSC_0118_zpsd1d9ad07.jpg  photo DSC_0105_zps86695b38.jpg  photo DSC_0106_zpse50601f4.jpg  photo DSC_0113_zpsc4a5f4f2.jpg

          KREWE is an artist owned, boutique eyewear company based in New Orleans. I love 
   how each pair has a New Orleans themed name, like ' The Fly' (my personal favorite), and 
   'The Toulouse' along with many others that perfectly capture the creative style of the people 
   who live here.  
       '' Behind each pair of KREWE du Optic frames is the 
     unique character and style of our creative partner 
     expressed through color, pattern, curve, and line.''

     The launch party for this fabulous line of sunnies took pace at Dirty Coast right in the 
   middle of White Linen Night, which I attended for the first time, on Julia St. What could be
   more perfect than walking through some of NOLA's finest art galleries, listening to live local  
   music, and shopping for some new shades? Not much else, I think. 

         Obviously I'm in love with all of these sunnies. (I predict that they're going to be huge this
   Fall)   My personal fave from the line was the The Fly | Matte Tokyo Tortoise

                           You can shop online and view more styles here !