Friday, October 11, 2013

{ Camilyn Beth FW 13 }

 photo camilynbethfavedress_zps4b6429b0.jpg  photo camilynbethtwirl_zps36c80d81.jpg  photo camilynbethsequinback_zpsbeffdf2d.jpg  photo camilynbethnavyblue_zpsa8280659.jpg  photo camilynbethsequinnavy_zps21c408d3.jpg  photo camilynbeththree_zps7e765f06.jpg  photo camilynbethcolor_zps505e12f8.jpg  photo DSC_0056_zps31508786.jpg  photo DSC_0033_zps691f88c3.jpg  photo DSC_0089_zps5564a04c.jpg  photo DSC_0073_zpsc8a3fffb.jpg

         Outfit Details // Me, wearing a blue lace Vintage find from Hazel & Florange // With Krystal of
   A Pinch Of Lovely and Juley of Upperlyne // above; with Julia of Gal Meets Glam //

                                                         Photos by; Carlyn Exposito 

                Hello dears! Oh my goodness, where do I even begin? Everything from the Camilyn   
  Beth show was just drop.dead.gorgeous. And not to mention, elegant! I want them all. 
  Especially the coral and navy blue showstoppers with ruffle details! *Swoons* (You may have 
  seen this dress by Camilyn Beth  worn by Blair over at Atlantic-Pacific. )  

                Not only was Camilyn Beth one of the first shows during New Orleans Fashion Week,
   but it was also their very first ever runway show! It was (obviously) a packed house. Everyone 
   who attended was memorized as the beautiful femininely embellished dresses came down 
   the runway. 

                 After the shows had ended I had the pleasure of seeing the lovely, Julia again (am I    
   the only one n love with her Valentino dress?!) as well as my two lovely blogger pals Krystal
   and Juley! Be sure to stop by their fabulous blogs and stay tuned for my coverage of the 
   shows from Day 6 of NOLAFW! 

                                       Congrats Camilyn Beth! You put on a lovely show! 

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  1. Everything from this show looks divine! I love the mod-ish touches.
    Glad I found your blog :)
    The Fashionable ESQ (Esquire)


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