Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Knitter By Night

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                                              Outfit Details~
                                         Black Button Shirt- Target
                                         Blazer- Forever21
                                         Jeans- Express
                                         Heels- Rampage (Seen in my last post)
                                         Bag- Aldo
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                                                                  Photobucket Photobucket
               The Crew from PA! These guys were sooooo cool and it was great getting to know them! :)
                 Not to mention they were hilarious!
    (Back Row; John, Fred, Cody, Sam, Dawne, Sam, John. Front Row; Ben, Janet, Ashley, Alicia, Emma,
       Jess and Vicki.)

         ^My awesome new friends! These girls came from PA to do some work with our Church!
               (Me, Jess, Carlyn, Alicia, Emma, Ashley, and Jeanne-Marie, Ruby is at the bottom)

                                 Hello everyone! :) Last Thursday night I went with my sister
              ( my photographer) to a 'Knitting Group' in New Orleans at the Hey! Cafe.We did a little
            photo-shoot on the stairs, I just couldn't get over how cool the stairs looked! I wanted the
             pictures to look really 'old' and 'rough' and I thought making them black and white
             would be perfect!
          The Cafe is like the 'Hipster Hub'. (If you've ever been there then you'll know what I mean O.o)
           Someone actually had a dog in there! Anyways........Knitting is one of my many hobbies. In
           the picture above I'm working on a scarf, using Chenille yarn.I only have a little ball of it left so
          it's gonna be a 'little scarf'.I really wanna try making a sweater, but shaping is my enemy.I recently
         learned how to 'cable'!! It was a lot easier than I thought.

                In other news, I went to the Orthodontist today.I'm going to be getting braces really soon.
          Please be praying that everything goes smoothly and that I don't pass out in the process!! O.O
          I'm super nervous.The Doc. said that they will be in for about 30 months. .______.
                Also, I gave the Blog a makeover! :) What do you think??? I hope you all are having
            a great week!

               Elizabeth E~
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  1. Love these elegant black and white photos! You are so lovely, Elizabeth! =)

  2. Blazers and skinnies - perfect look. very put together.

  3. Love the black and white pictures. (:

  4. Nothing says casual chic better than a smart blazer with great jeans.
    I wish there was a knitting group here, they sound like fun.
    Braces suck but they are totally worth it in the long run!

  5. The black and white photos are so lovely! I love your outfit<2

  6. That is very nice photography of you!!!

  7. so beautiful...I am obsessed with knitting but I am SO slow xxx

  8. i love this post especially the black and white photos

  9. Loving those nighttime photos.. so cool!

  10. Ooo, I love the color of the yarn! It looks so soft and nice!

  11. You look great in this B&W photos.I like your free spirit and the title of your blog says so much about you!Thanks for following!

  12. Super !
    Great blog and pics <3

    I follow you and invite you to my blog.

  13. Sounds great! I'm thinking of getting braces too :)

    Emma xx

  14. Cool pictures! I love that you made it black and white! You're very pretty :) It's so cool that you know how to knit, and the color of that yarn is so cute and pretty! Looks like you had a great time!

  15. Definitely i enjoy checking out this blog!

  16. love it!!!

  17. I love those black and white photos! Great outfit!

    x Alexa

  18. i love your glasses dear

    following you now
    hope we can follow each other


  19. Thanks for your sweet comment. I am following you too!

  20. I honestly don't know how to knit hahaha. I really like your hair!


  21. Great pics, wish I could knit :)

  22. sure sweetie! thanks so much! :)

  23. I admiring you for knowing how to knit. Don't worry about putting braces, I am sure 30 months will pass in no time. I regret not having braces in my teens, I would have had a perfect smile now.

  24. love B&W photos :) I'm following honey

    Check my blog and follow me if you like :)


  25. Pretty pictures (the black & whites are my faves). your hair looks lovely!
    The Fashionable ESQ


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