Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vintage Doll

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    Outfit Details--
::Blue Dress; Vintage I.Magnin, Heels; Nine West, Bamboo Clasp Bracelet; Dillard's, Black Clutch;
  Jessica McClintock ::

                Hello dears! This look was inspired by two things. One- My dear friend Hope Adela
 from Pink Champagne (a.k.a the queen of Vintage style) and second- Mad Men! I have never watched an episode but I always enjoy seeing how each beautiful Vintage outfit is carefully styled. 

  One thing about Vintage clothing that I love is that it represents a time when women really cared about being modest and classy instead of 'hot' and sexy'. Her beauty was not measured by how much of her skin she was showing, but rather how she carried and presented herself to others. 
          Siiiigh........I wish I lived back then...

    The blue dress, seen above, belonged to my grandmother. I was helping my Mom clean out her
closet a while back and fond it hidden behind some old coats. I couldn't wait to post about it! I had
my lovely sister/photographer snap some cool retro shots behind our bar. 

In other news I have been finishing the second season of '24' !!!I get so into each moment of that show it's unhealthy hahaha  If you haven't seen it then I seriously encourage you to watch it. But be warned........ once you watch it you WILL.NOT.STOP.   O.O

                                             Have a great week dears!! 

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        Elizabeth E~


  1. This is an amazing fabulous vintage dress.

  2. What a gorgeous dress! And obviously such a special piece, since it belonged to your grandma. It's wonderful that it fits you so well and you're able to carry this beautiful vintage style on even as yours go by - some of my favourite vintage pieces belonged to my grandma :) I think there are a lot of things about life in the 1950s that I wouldn't have liked, but I do love the fashion and it's so fun to be able to experience that aspect of the decade, at least temporarily. You did a beautiful job with these photos, very Mad Men :)

  3. love this post! what a great story it tell! I love the dress it is so elegant as your blog title says! please stop by sometime!


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  5. loved the images with the Coors light sign directly placed behind you. Great light and detail! Bravo!

  6. Aww this is so stunning, you look absolutely beautiful! Love,


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