Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hazel & Florange A/W 13'

 photo EkaySamples230_zps5cd7f2ac.jpg  photo EkaySamples232_zps539aac18.jpg  photo EkaySamples238_zps452795ab.jpg  photo EkaySamples247_zpsc3c66585.jpg  photo EkaySamples242_zps59d9f063.jpg  photo EkaySamples251_zpsa207a73b.jpg  photo EkaySamples260_zps960c6be8.jpg  photo EkaySamples256_zpsa09d3b24.jpg  photo EkaySamples266_zpsd2caee40.jpg  photo EkaySamples275_zps9ca72ad7.jpg  photo EkaySamples281_zps7a0c1686.jpg  photo EkaySamples283_zps1d82c521.jpg  photo EkaySamples285_zps1a7bed01.jpg  photo EkaySamples286_zps4141608a.jpg  photo EkaySamples293_zps91505ed4.jpg  photo EkaySamples315_zpsb6bb1700.jpg  photo EkaySamples319_zps8d3b44a9.jpg  photo EkaySamples322_zps490543b1.jpg

                                             { Me, with the lovely designer } 

   My Outfit Details: Top, The Limited | Jeans, Target | Heels, 
   ( not pictured ) Jessica Simpson | 

  NOLAFW Day 5 also included the launch of Andi Eaton's hippie-
  chic line, Hazel & Florange

    I absolutely adored everything about this collection. 
  From the colorful turbans, chic tassel earrings, to the sweet 
  macaroon tees; it perfectly embodies the style every laid back 
  New Orleans girl strives for. 

  This collection featured some amazing pieces from RENU Jewelry,
     a unique jewelry line by Brooke Squyres. My favorite was the
  turquoise beaded statement necklace with the red tusk accent!! 
  (Pictured above.) 

   I was blown away by the beautiful designs of Miss Eaton and
   can not wait to get my hands on one of those precious tees! 

     Bravo Andi and congratulations on your first line! 
       { For more information on the designer's inspiration for this
     lovely line, watch the video below. 


   :: Keep up the designer and check out her website, here. :: 


  1. Interesting collection. The use of the various prints was cool.

  2. I really like the silhouettes in this collection, but the patterns aren't me.

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  3. Great collection! Love the hat pieces X

  4. super beautiful and inspirational post,thank you:)
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin?I would be so happy,if you say yes:)))
    xoxo Vesi from Bulgaria :)

  5. what an amazing collection! The pieces are all SO interesting and cute!

  6. such a lovely collection, love it

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    i will also follow you on gfc :)

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