Monday, April 29, 2013

Snakeskin + Turquoise

 photo EkaySamples1864_zps96b5ec27.jpg  photo EkaySamples1865_zps52e04af5.jpg  photo EkaySamples1879_zpsb9f758c1.jpg  photo doubleboho_zps7388baae.jpg  photo EkaySamples1872_zps24a9bd84.jpg  photo EkaySamples1873_zpse0d0fcd9.jpg

 :: Outfit Details - Snakeskin BlouseThe Limited | Jeans; Calvin Klein | BagLucky Brand  | PlatformsBCBG | Bow Bracelet ;Ann Taylor | Leather Bracelet; D.I.Y | Watch; Kenneth Cole | Rings; Silpada | Earrings; Purchased at Jazz-Fest ::

        Fist off, I would just like to start out by saying how comfortable these platforms are! I'm really not joking. I fell in love with them a few months back when I saw them at a BCBG Outlet in Gulfport. You'll be seeing quite a lot of them in later posts.

   I paired the snakeskin top with my dark-wash flared jeans, platforms and fringe bag for a 70's style look and added the turquoise earrings to play-off of the detail on the bag for an extra pop of color. Speaking of color, I'm really not much for brightly colored lipstick. That is, until my Mom turned me onto M.A.C. lipstick. (I'm wearing shade 'Girl About Town') I absolutely adore this hot pink colored lipstick! 

  I highly recommend their lipsticks and I will definitely have to try branching out to the brighter side of the color-wheel this spring! ( As far as lipcolor goes, anyway )

    How do you feel about wearing brightly colored lipstick? 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Free People NOLA

 photo EkaySamples1924_zps35933074.jpg  photo EkaySamples1923_zpsff2e4b5b.jpg  photo EkaySamples1927_zpsc35796ed.jpg  photo EkaySamples1961_zps7f12cf24.jpg  photo FreePeopleLook_zps0b667439.jpg
     {  This was the look I put together for the 'Style Challenge' }  photo EkaySamples1958_zps292ce268.jpg  photo Jacketatfreepeople_zpsbecd176f.jpg  photo EkaySamples1963_zpsa1e0f718.jpg  photo EkaySamples1965_zps306df46c.jpg photo EkaySamples1967_zps441a3fac.jpg  photo EkaySamples1968_zps16357ba7.jpg photo EkaySamples1971_zps8ef02304.jpg

      { With my lovely pal Cas (above) and Jasmine of the blog, 
            Sequin Crush (below) } 

 photo EkaySamples1974_zps12dd5cbb.jpg
 photo EkaySamples1983_zps1b08605d.jpg  photo EkaySamples1986_zpse8d8a1ec.jpg photo EkaySamples1987_zpsd9e3eebc.jpg  photo EkaySamples1977_zps41240a40.jpg  photo EkaySamples1984_zpsf2b05dfc.jpg

                                         { My fab photographer, Carlyn } 
   photo EkaySamples1992_zpsfff05ece.jpg photo EkaySamples1993_zps259e112b.jpg  photo EkaySamples2006_zpse750bf0f.jpg  photo EkaySamples2012_zps660b7faf.jpg  photo EkaySamples2015_zpsde78f22c.jpg  photo EkaySamples2021_zps1cc5d6ee.jpg  photo EkaySamples2028_zps9abfa838.jpg  photo EkaySamples2031_zps745002e6.jpg

        // Happy Birthday Free People NOLA! //

         A few weeks back I was invited to attend a party 
  celebrating Free People NOLA's first birthday! 

{ Click here to view all the images I captured during the event } 

     The event was hosted by the lovely style-blogger Jasmine of
  Sequin Crush. { Be sure to check out her super sweet blog! } 

     Everyone at the event had the opportunity to participate in 
  a 'Outfit Styling Contest' where you put together an outfit 
  using any of the items in the store, have your picture 
  taken by Jasmine and have the chance to win a gift card to the 
  store! { Click here to find out who won! } 

      I had so much fun chatting with the girls over at Free 
  People and spending time with my friend Cassidy and 
  photographer Carlyn while walking around sipping some 'Sequin 
  Crush Punch' and lusting after all the beautiful items in the 
  store that we loved, but couldn't afford. { Yes, $80 jeans and 
  $200 jacket I'm talking about you! } 

     However, during the event I purchased these beautiful pink
  stud earrings! { Seen above } 


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fashion Week New Orleans A/W 2013

 photo Dillardslooks_zpsc853e2d1.jpg  photo AshG_zps5059ce65.jpg  photo BrookeLyn_zps06652e4d.jpg  photo EricaDurousseaulooks_zps737a1a20.jpg  photo KatherineFaust_zps611883e5.jpg  photo GilDominique_zps6175fd7d.jpg  photo KallenForster_zps2167e641.jpg  photo Soponola_zps4172c4cf.jpg  photo LindseySmith_zpsbfcb73fa.jpg  photo NathanWalker_zps6a8ff36f.jpg  photo HemlineNola_zpsc04b89c8.jpg  photo JolieElizabeth_zps3362e686.jpg
 photo EkaySamples1642_zps82ac1150.jpg  photo EkaySamples1647_zps8e00075e.jpg  photo EkaySamples1667_zps123a0fda.jpg  photo EkaySamples1669_zpsf68af224.jpg  photo EkaySamples1801_zps86b3ccaa.jpg  photo EkaySamples1810_zpsa619ac58.jpg  photo halejessmikefw_zps50b4c49f.jpg  photo EkaySamples1849_zps7638a79e.jpg  photo EkaySamples1853_zpsb0c62cab.jpg
                      { Images }

           1. Dillard's
           2. Ashley Gunkel
           3. Brooke Lynn Write
           4. Erica Durousseau
                           5. Katherine Faust 
           6. Tisdale + Verona
           7. Kallen Forster
           8. SoPo
           9. Lindsey Smith
          10. Nathan Walker
          11. Hemline
          12. Jolie & Elizabeth  
          14. With the lovely model, Brandy Miller. 
          16. My reserved spot at the Blogger Lounge. 
          17. With (the amazing) designer, Brooke Lynn Wright.
          18. With the lovely model, Jessica Mushtare. 
          19. Jessica and Hayley. 20. Michael and Hayley.
          20. Jen and I.          21. Mallory and I. 

    I attended the first day of Runway Shows during Fashion Week 
   New Orleans and I have to say; I was quite impressed... and 
   also fell in love with everything that came down the runway.

{ Click here to view all the pictures I took during the show! } 

    While photographing each look coming down the runway, I have 
  habit of picking out ones that are the most 'wearable' (even if  
  some of them are a little bit out of my 'comfort zone'). 
  Usually, when you think 'Runway' you think of some some odd  
  creation that everyone admires but never actually purchases or   
  wears. Thankfully, that was far from the case.
    For example, you could take any one of the striped dresses 
  from SoPo, Jolie & Elizabeth or Katherine Faust and style them 
  in totally different ways, dressed up for a chic uptown party 
  with sky-high stilettos, or with ballet flats and a sleek white 
  motorcycle jacket for a laid back day in the French Quarter.

                                 The possibilities are endless.....

    Hope you enjoyed my coverage of this season's shows!  

  { What was your favorite look? Would you wear any of them? }