Monday, October 15, 2012

An Event: Makeovers at Children's Hospital

                                [ Makeup by Brooke Allbritton

                                                                    and Lauren Michel]

                                       [ Tracee Dundas of Fashion Week New Orleans ]

     [ left to right- Models Jessica Mushtare and Brandy Miller. Caroline Merrit.
        Owner of Trendz Accessory Boutique in the red jeans, Jennifer Mcguinness, and Makeup
     Artists- Brooke Allbritton and Lauren Michel]

               [ I had the pleasure of meeting the very stylish,  Rachel of ' The Elizabeth Chronicles' ]

                                         Kelsey looking gorgeous in her black ruffled dress!

What do you get when the organizers of Fashion Week New Orleans meet up with the care givers of Children's Hospital ?  Wonderful Things! That's what!

Friday evening, in the auditorium at Children's Hospital, several young ladies who are receiving treatment had the opportunity to work with Fashion Week New Orleans models Jessica Mushtare and Brandy Miller, along with Makeup Artists Brooke Allbritton and Lauren Michel.

Each participant had their nails and makeup done, and were provided with outfits from Trendz Boutique as well as jewelry and accressories!

After a little 'model training', they each did a runway walk before their friends and family for what turned out to be a fantastic time of fun and goodness. 

Great job ladies! I can't wait until next year!

                                                          Elizabeth E~

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