Sunday, May 26, 2013

{ I've Joined Tumblr }

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                   ::  So I recently decided to join Tumblr! :: 

      My 'blogspot' blog is still my primary blog, this one is 
  just for fun. On my Tumblr you'll find various images/GIFS of 
  models, clothes, travel, food, and (of course) everything 
  fashion! I'm still ' learning the ropes ' and feel free to 
  check it out! Tell me what you think and if I like your blog, 
  I'll follow you! 

                  :: Here are my favorite Tumblr Blogs so far....  :: 

                     Messes Of Men

                                             Jeanette Angel

                                      The Elizabeth Chronicles

           // How do you feel about Tumblr? // 

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