Sunday, May 5, 2013

Jazz Fest Style 2013

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     Photo above; borrowed from  

 // Loving this video coverage by AXS TV where Adam Levine says that he's '' Always wanted to experience Jazz Fest '' and that this is '' Definitely the coolest music festival they've been a part of ' //

       Outfit Details: Top and Sandals, Target - Shorts, Citizen - 
  Bag, Nine West : 

   Today wrapped up the last day of the New Orleans Jazz and 
 Heritage Festival 2013. The fest takes place every year in New 
 Orleans Louisiana during the last weekend in April and the first
 weekend in May (Fri-Sun both weekends) I attended the fest on
 Friday, May 3rd. 

   John Mayer, The Black Keys and Royal Teeth were just a few of 
 of the headliners this year. The line up also included one of my 
 all time favorite bands..... MAROON 5! 

           { Please excuse my fangirling } 

    My sister and I managed to get a pretty good view of the show
 and went totally crazy. I sang the entire time. It was SO much 

   Due to the harsh weather conditions (it was very cold, rainy, 
 and very muddy. And yes, I was unaware of this and was quite 
 cold) I left the old Nikon at home and was unable to 
 capture any images of the performance. 

   As far as my outfit goes I decided to keep it simple and laid 
 back. For me, that translates into a t-shirt, shorts and little, 
 or in this case no, jewelry. Totally not the norm! Due to 
 the weather conditions I actually wore a pair of leopard rain 
 boots. It was quite the fashion statement. 

        :: Hurry back Maroon 5! NOLA misses you !! :: 


  1. darling hair braid and cheetah sandals! super cute!

  2. I love the outfit! So beautiful:)

    Win a pair of sunglasses:

  3. I love jazz music!! cute style :)
    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  4. that shirt is awesome and the festival seems to be so cool


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