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Lady Sophia Spring/Summer 2014

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Outfit Details // Dress, Forever21 | Heels (not pictured), Madeline Girl | Clutch, Vintage //

Photos c/o - Chip Kennedy Photography 

   This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending and covering the debut inaugural collection ‘’Nee’’ of Sophia Omoro’s label ‘’LadySophia’’. The event was held at the Maison Lefitte in Mandeville Louisiana and began with a celebration party where guests congratulated the designer while sipping cocktails and sampling fancy hor d'oeuvres. There was a runway presentation as well as a dance performance to open and close the show and finally, my personal favorite – a trunk show!

Designer Sophia Omoro’s Mother was a seamstress, which heavily influenced her love and appreciation for fashion. She and her siblings would draw rough sketches and she "would take this from a crude drawing to a pattern, and ultimately a completed garment. Of course, the downside to this was that hems were invariably much longer than requested, the garments much looser, and perhaps worst of all, at least three of the six girls always had the same dress and/or fabric at any given time."

Omoro, who was born in Kenya, said her mother's work was "naively" unappreciated back then, but that the "luxury of well-made, fashionable, 'custom' clothing" ignited a passion that has come to fruition in her new collection.

Her collection was full of brightly colored and beautifully constructed dresses, sheer crop tops, animal skin bags (I wanted all of them) and belts, tribal headpieces, as well as beaded jewelry. The garments, bags and belts are individually hand made in Kenya by her team. Only very limited quantities are made, making the collection very exclusive. 

What really blew me away was her ken attention to detail. The beaded headpieces and jewelry were works of art all on their own and I especially loved all the colors and textures used in each look.

Bravo, LadySophia! Can't wait for next season!

*See all the photos from the show, here

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  1. Thanks Elizabeth! So happy that you could make it to the show!

  2. SOPHIA,
    I don't know what to say. I am so excited and happy for your success! In my wildest dreams I would have never imagined quiet, soft-spoken, kind, humble, God-fearing Sophia back at Oakwood would turn out to be this incredibly elegant, inspiring, trend-setting, brilliant doctor, business woman, entrepreneur. I see it AND I believe IT!

    Andre C.


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