Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hipster Weekend : Part 2 [ Maurepas Foods ]

 photo DSC_0278_zpsbbc19c45.jpg  photo DSC_0283_zpse64b2fd0.jpg  photo DSC_0294_zpsbd3f4c6d.jpg  photo DSC_0297_zpsc97f512b.jpg  photo DSC_0298_zpsc7216324.jpg  photo DSC_0301_zps19433c8b.jpg  photo DSC_0305_zps36740bfe.jpg  photo DSC_0308_zps3ad38a96.jpg  photo DSC_0316_zps726dc79d.jpg

          Dishes pictured above - Stone Ground Grits, Chorizo Sandwich, (Beet) Soda, Goat Tacos, Mint 
      Cookie Sandwich, Angel Food Cake - 

             Now for part 2 of this post - THE FOOD !! 

    I had been to Maurepas Foods once before and was blown away. This lovely little Bywater spot specializes in locally grown organic foods and keeping things simple.

The menu might appear to be non-descriptive and boring but believe me, you will want one of everything. The goat tacos for example (yes, I said goat. Calm down) never in a million years would I have chosen that for lunch. But after hesitantly sampling one from my Dad I was hooked. You just have to try them. That's it. 

Another one of my favorite things on the menu is......dessert!! (Shocking, I know.) There really are no words to describe how amazing the mint chocolate ice cream sandwich was. It's my favorite thing. It made me question why I had been eating any other kind of dessert at all. The flavors were fantastic, and don't get me started on the angel food cake. I can't even. Go try all of the foods, you'll thank me later.


  1. Fun photos! All that food looks delish!!


  2. That looks delish!!!


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