Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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 photo Instagram.monday.6.1_zpshpuzgzjs.jpg      1. Switched to my Mulberry-esque messenger bag from Forever21 for the summer // 2. Jackson Square // 3. A shot from yesterday's post // 4. My favorite little fringe bag // 5. Flowers from Whole Foods. I'm obsessed with them, y'all. // 6.  All decked out in Porter Lyons for a friend's graduation. // 7. What I wore to an Art Showing with the bf the last time he was in town. // 8. The finale at the Taylor Swift concert in Baton Rouge #1989WorlTour // 9. More flowers. // 10. Tea with Tory. / 11. One of my go-to summer outfits. // 12. This fantastic issue of ELLE came in right before I left for the Taylor Swift concert. You MUST read Taylor's interview. That's an order. //

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