Tuesday, September 29, 2015

national coffee day < nola edition >

 photo coffeecollage.nationalcoffeeday_zpszcjboc2o.jpg
Images clockwise from top right; District Donuts Vietnamese iced coffees, Copeland's Cappuccino, some fantastic creation from Willa Jean, that I can't quite recall the name of, and a latte from Tableau.

    Happy National Coffee Day, AKA every other day in the life of a normal functioning human. Coffee is an essential part of everyday life (for most people) and can even be considered an activity or destination- i.e a shop with incredible reviews and Instagram worthy beverages, to simply a coffee date with an old friend. 

    I grew up drinking coffee from the age of 7-8 and have since switched from decaf to iced double-shot caramel macchiatos. Although I usually brew it myself at home, I'll definitely be taking advantage of the excuse to let someone else make it for me today.

     If you live in the New Orleans area, I would highly recommend checking out this list of coffee shops from NOLA Eater entitled 'Where to Drink Coffee In New Orleans Right Now'. And trust me, you need to check these places out like, yesterday. I can happily vouch for Willa Jean, District Donuts, and Salon by Sucre.

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