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< 10 > of my favorite tumblrs

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In the past, Tumblr would be the last social media site you'd find me on.  I'd never really felt or understood the allure. Why would I want to be on a site dedicated to goofy cat memes, emo teenagers feeling all of the feels, and loads of inappropriate and NSFW blogs?!

I've since come to find that (even though it is all of those things), it's also a great visual platform for blogs, photography, and a great resource for fashion related inspiration.

I use Tumblr the same way I use Pinterest. If I see an image I like I reblog it. If I like the way another blogger or magazine has styled something, I'll reblog my favorite image(s) as if to somehow remind myself later by saying " Yes!! That's how I want to wear this/that or wow, that's exactly how I would have styled that " It's like I'm constantly adding images to an endless inspiration board.

    Below I've listed my top ten blogs from various users. While all being fashion/style related, they each have their own aesthetic that I like to incorporate into my own Tumblr.   

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         1) The Coveteur

        A must follow for the fashion obsessed (such as myself), The Covteur is the ultimate inside-guide to behind the scenes. If you live for amazing shoes, quirky editorial shots, and love getting a window into the closets of celebs and fashion icons- this one's for you.

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         2) Rachel Zoe  

                        This blog really doesn't require an introduction. So just do yourself a favor and go follow it. Like, yesterday. 

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    3) Hapa Time  

     Jessica's blog is bright, sunny, and colorful just like her style and the gorgeous state of Cali where she resides.          

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   4) Connor Franta 

                 I've been following Connor for a few years now on YouTube before I
was really into tumblr. His blog reflects his eye for simplistic photos and his overall hipster and laid back aesthetic. If you're into super cool vibes and killer photography, this is the blog for you.

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  5) You're My Sweetheart

                               This little blog is dedicated to all things pretty and it has a little bit of everything. Gorgeous pictures of food, quirky fashion editorials, landscape/cities, and artsy looking coffees. It's basically your ideal Instagram feed.

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      6) The Messes of Men

                                         The Messes of Men was one of the very first blogs I started following and from the picture above, I'm sure you can see why. I love this blog's mixture of delicate fashion shots and hipster-grundge aesthetic. It's perfection. 

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  7) Excuse Me, I'm Introverting 

Run by Chana, a classy barista living in Kansas City, this lifestyle blog celebrates the beauty of intelligence, the importance of coffee in one's life, and how photography is an art all in it's own.                             

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8) Lost & Found

This blog is super-lux and laid back. You'll find drool worthy food shots, inspirational quotes, and fancy outfits.

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   9) Ellemnoh 

                                 Scrolling though this blog is like finding the perfect bouquet of flowers and then walking into a bookstore in a little town holding coffee in one hand while being decked out in Anthropology. It also makes you question why you don't wear cardigans and ankle bots year-round. 

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 10) Jag Lever

 I've saved one of the best for last, Jag Lever is a fantastic blog that shares the style, musings, and travel adventures of Rachel Marie. Her girly, western, and edgy style is one of my favorites. 

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